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A nerdy idiot from Transylvania who likes video games, books and all things retro. I play with words and pixels.

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This was a really nice one. Brooding, you can feel the atmosphere seeping through, cagey and glum, life in a cage, an eye for apathy wider than rage...

Followed nicely until the final stanza, it feels different there, different theme, different viewpoint, not as relatable to me personally... 3/4ths though very nice. Very relatable.

Thanks for taking your time and commenting on my crappy poem

Hey btw I love your header too :D Didn't notice!

You mean the Doom 2 cover?

A distinguished and classy choice there!

Yess the DOOM indeed. :) As my name and/or avatar might clue I'm a pretty big fan of that franchise.

And your poem's not crappy! Looking back I feel I wrote some of my best pieces early on. Not always as polished, but also often not as restrictive. I drop critique though I do seek to be too the freest me too. One day I'll see through. The rationale till I match a malice with a ruse and speak true. And lead to leap till they say I jump like: he flew.

inspiring man. :)

Thanks for your inspiring words. Can I ask a question?

Sure thing!

Why the writing forum feels so neglected and small? And how can you get a following here on Newgrounds?

Hmm that's not so easy to answer, but it's probably a combination of writing not being the art form most people are interesting in involving themselves with, not in making nor in partaking in, and in that little activity doesn't help increase activity either.

Regarding the first point, it's a lot easier to look at something. Art or animation. Games have a reward system that make them appeal to us more than they should. Writing though? It's not as visual or obvious. You have to learn to immerse yourself into it; have a good imagination to really appreciate words. Maybe you have to grow up with it, not sure...

And regarding the second, if more writers found their way here, or to that forum in particular, maybe we'd get it going again. Maybe the lack of activity there's been chasing writers to other forums instead - there's plenty of writing everywhere really, maybe the variability of the form makes for a missing focus in how the writing forum is just one of many forums you write in.

I honestly just partake in the haiku thread there too. Other areas of the site take my time and focus...

As for how to get a following, I think it's a pretty simple thing in theory, not so simple in practice. Two methods:

1. Make really good stuff, or find a niche, or just make a LOT of stuff, and gain a following that way. If you get good enough and keep going you'll keep gaining, the more you have the easier it is to get even more. If you're REALLY good or get lucky you can get tons at ones, but that's not usual. Not everyone gets the ninjamuffin99 did, where after years of activity suddenly you get a viral game, and 70,000+ fans in a month, and become the most popular artist NG's ever had in 20+ years. :P

2. Just interact a lot with people. Contribute, collaborate, become a part of the community in whatever way you want to. It'll build up that way too, though unfortunately goes way quicker if you're a real creator. Been doing a lot more of this one myself though.

You could promote yourself too, of course. Add links here and there asking people to follow you, but IMO the best way is the natural way. Just grind on and it'll keep amounting.

And pardon those typos. XD Not upholding my rep as a writer here but... a little tried mayhaps! Good luck with the gains and see you in the morrow.

Thank you for your advice. Good night!

Good night man! :)